Are Wenger watches good?

Are Wenger watches good?

Wenger Watch Reviews: Swiss Quality At An Low Price. They are one of the original makers of the Swiss Army Knife, along with Victorinox and they have long since branched out into Swiss watches. Unlike a lot of their more expensive competitors though, Wenger aims to bring you Swiss quality watches at an affordable price …

Who makes Wenger movements?


Type Société anonyme
Products Swiss Army knives, cutlery, watches, travel gear
Number of employees 150
Parent Victorinox AG

What is a Wenger watch?

Wenger are a key name in Swiss Watch manufacturing, and yet are one of the lesser-known brands as watches are a relatively new product within the brand’s portfolio. Their watches are incredibly functional, with some models designed to be elegant and fashionable. Wenger Watches have a diverse and convoluted history.

Are Wenger watches automatic?

Boasting well over a century of consistent innovation, Wenger watches come in a variety of styles including quartz and automatic watches, chronograph or analog styles, and high-quality materials like steel, genuine leather, and durable rubber.

Is Swiss gear the same as Wenger?

SwissGear is a Swiss clothing, luggage and accessory company that is branded as part of the maker of Swiss Army knives. The company is owned by Wenger SA and its products are licensed in North America by Group III International Ltd.

Where are Wenger watches made?

All Wenger watches have the famous “Swiss Made” label, meaning that the majority of production is located in Switzerland. For this, all Swiss watch brands must assume 60% of production costs in their territory. The essential manufacturing step, often corresponding to assembly, must also take place in Switzerland.