Are there alligators in Cypress Springs?

Are there alligators in Cypress Springs?

Are there any alligators? We have never seen an alligator in the spring or on the paddle from Holmes Creek to Cypress Springs. On this section of the creek the water is rather shallow, cold, and clear which all deter alligators. However, it is Florida so we can not guarantee that you will not see an alligator.

How deep is Cypress Springs in Florida?

about 25 feet deep
Cypress Spring, located in Northwest Florida, has a rather large spring basin. The outer depths are about 25 feet deep but a small opening can be penetrated to a depth of 75 feet.

Who owns Cypress Springs?

Nestle Waters
Unfortunately in 2002 Cypress Springs and the surrounding land was purchased by Nestle Waters to bottle water. This is now private property and only accessible by canoe or small boat.

How cold is the water at Cypress Springs Florida?

The gorgeous blue waters of Cypress Springs remain 70 degrees Fahrenheit all year long. It is no wonder that Floridians flock to Cypress Springs to kayak, swim, and canoe. It is possible to launch a small boat or kayak on nearby Holmes Creek, and travel to Cypress Springs over the water.

Is Lake Cypress Springs man made?

Lake Cypress Springs has 20 subdivisions and around 850 waterfront homes….

Lake Cypress Springs
Construction engineer Wisenbaker, Fix, and Associates
First flooded 1970-07-07
Surface area 3,461 acres (1,401 ha)
Average depth 19.29 ft (5.88 m)

Where is Holmes Creek?

Northwest Florida Panhandle
Holmes Creek is one of the most diverse paddles in the Northwest Florida Panhandle area. As part of Florida’s statewide system of Greenways and Trails, Holmes Creek flows through a variety of diverse habitats.

Can you fish in Cypress Springs in Florida?

Turtles and fish are abundant as well. There are rest rooms adjacent to the springs. The spring is located on private property so paddling or boating is the only access to this clear spring.

What river is Cypress Springs on?

VERNON, Fla. – With water so clear it’s hard to determine the depth in places, Cypress Springs is a cold paradise on a hot day. Located on Holmes Creek in Northwest Florida, the spring can only be accessed by boat.

When was Lake Cypress Springs built?

started in July 1968. Deliberate impoundment began on July 7, 1970 and the construction officially completed on February 15, 1971. It has a watershed area of approximately 75 square miles and a shoreline length of 43 miles.

Is Holmes Creek Open?

We are closed for the season.

Can you swim in Lake Cypress Springs?

Lake Cypress Springs offers people a place to swim. The bays offer a retreat away from enthusiastic boating on the lake – providing a more fitting area for swimming.

Are there alligators in Holmes Creek?

The creek is fed by dozens of springs, and is a favorite for snorkeling and diving. Nearby Beckton Springs and Magnolia Springs also feed the creek and are popular swimming and snorkeling sites. The abundant wildlife includes turtles, alligators, fish and birds such as blue heron, ibis, egrets, and woodpeckers.

How deep can you dive in Cypress Springs?

Cypress Springs, located in Northwest Florida, has a rather large spring basin. The outer depths are about 25 feet deep but a small opening can be penetrated to a depth of 75 feet. Several cypress trees are in the spring. There use to be a small dive shop and supply store there.

What is Cypress Springs in Florida famous for?

One of the most remarkable is Cypress Springs. Cypress Springs is a stunning natural spring basin with several Cypress trees growing in the water that is located in Northwest Florida. The inviting blue waters of Cypress Springs have long been a favorite among locals who are seeking a less touristy destination for relaxation and recreation.

How to get to Cypress Springs Adventures?

Take Exit 112 / Hwy 79. Cypress Springs Adventures is just two miles outside of Vernon, Florida on Highway 277. We’re situated on a section of Holmes Creek the old timers call Snaggy Bend. We are only about one mile downstream from the famous Cypress Springs and offer the shortest route to and from the Springs.

Where are the best springs to dive in Florida?

Located on the Sante Fe River, Ginnie Springs is a clear water gem. Ginnie Springs is only one of the most popular springs to dive in Florida but rumored to be one of the World’s most loved freshwater dives.