Are Sputnik chandeliers still in style?

Are Sputnik chandeliers still in style?

Sputnik light fixtures are still popular today, so if you’re a space geek or simply a fan of futuristic mid-century design, consider buying David Rembert’s 12-Light Sputnik Sphere Chandelier, which has a polished chrome body and arms supporting 12 spherical lights.

Are antique light fixtures worth anything?

Antique light fixtures are a valuable and inspirational decorative accent in a real estate investment. The historical significance and unique styling associated with antique lighting fixtures make them a luxurious element in a home design.

What is a Sputnik lamp?

The Sputnik chandelier is a popular light fixture design from the mid-century modern era. The defining feature of a Sputnik light fixture is a core surrounded by multiple arms containing light bulbs. This makes the fixture an excellent option for creating ambient light in a space.

Who designed the original Sputnik chandelier?

Gino Sarfatti
History of the Sputnik Chandelier The design of the original Sputnik has been attributed to multiple designers as it’s been replicated many times in the last 70 years, but the originator is often seen as the Modernist Italian designer, Gino Sarfatti.

What style are Sputnik chandeliers?

Why We Love Sputnik Chandeliers With mid-century modern appeal, these atomic-styled chandeliers feature a silhouette similar to the Soviet Union space satellite of the same name. Their spherical shape accented by sturdy bars gives these chandeliers a silhouette, unlike any other light fixture.

Are Sputnik lights bright?

The Sputnik style was inspired by the first satellite to orbit the earth in 1957. The popular mid century light fixture became a recognizable part of the design period known as the “Atomic Age” from about 1940 – 1960. The pendants provide bright illumination because of their multiple arms that each contain a bulb.

What do you do with old light fixtures?

Light fixtures can be recycled through salvage shops or through other community organizations. Salvage shops often have a high demand for working light fixtures, and many community organizations use donated light fixtures when rehabilitating low-income homes.

How can I tell how old my chandelier is?

  1. Look over every inch of the light fixture for a maker’s mark, name or date.
  2. Sift through old catalogs, newspaper advertisements and home magazines for your chandelier or a close match that could lead you to the actual manufacturer, country of origin and period.
  3. Consider the source that powered your chandelier.

What style is a Sputnik chandelier?

What is a Sputnik Chandelier? Inspired by Sputnik’s successful launch in 1957, the light fixture is one of the most popular mid-century light designs, one that boasts multiple arms. Each one of these arms supports a single-light bulb. They typically radiate out from a central point, a globe or column.

Why are they called Sputnik lights?

Rath reportedly drew his inspiration from a book on galaxies given to him by Wallace Harrison, architect of the opera house. The chandeliers became known as “Sputniks” from the night the Met opened in 1966.

What do you do with old ceiling lights?

Chandeliers and other lighting fixtures can be donated in social organizations or salvage shops. Social organizations use donated lamps for the rehabilitation of low-income homes. If they work and are not damaged, you can also sell them online or in places like the garage sale.

What can you do with old chandeliers?

Repurpose Your Old Chandelier!

  1. 1 1. DIY Terrarium.
  2. 2 2. Create Your Own Candle Holders.
  3. 3 3. Make A Jaw Dropping Glass Accent Mirror.
  4. 4 4. Etched Works Of Art.
  5. 5 5. Update The Look and Leave It Hanging.
  6. 6 6. Solar Power Your Chandelier.
  7. 7 7. Pot Your Plants In It!
  8. 8 8. Serve Up Party Treats.

What is industrial lighting fixture?

Industrial Lighting. Lighting fixtures that are specifically designed for various industrial purposes are usually designed in such a way that they can easily operate in the environment that they were designed to operate in, be it in a warehouse or in a manufacturing process that involves severe fluctuations of temperature and pressure,…

What does lighting fixture mean?

lighting fixture in British. (ˈlaɪtɪŋ ˈfɪkstʃə) noun. a lighting fixture is part of a light that is attached to the wall or ceiling where you put the light bulb or other lighting element, and which cannot be easily removed.

What is a track lighting fixture?

Track lighting is a method of lighting where light fixtures are attached anywhere on a continuous track device which contains electrical conductors.

What is a recessed light fixture?

A recessed light or downlight (also pot light in Canadian English, sometimes can light (for canister light) in American English) is a light fixture that is installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling.