Are 981 Caymans reliable?

Are 981 Caymans reliable?

From all of the research I’ve done, it seems like the 981s are extremely reliable (for the segment) but not a ton of people have driven their cars enough to get this many miles on them yet.

Is the Cayman better than the 911?

The Porsche Cayman is technically the entry-level option in the lineup. However, it is also considered to be better at handling than the 911. The 911 is a rear-engine option, and with the additional weight on it, the Porsche Cayman again comes out in front.

Is the Porsche Cayman S reliable?

For the most part, the Porsche Cayman is rather reliable. Of the small number of problems that are reported, most appear to be electrics or engine-based. However, some owners experience brake problems, with discs becoming warped if they’re not used hard enough.

How many miles will a Porsche Cayman last?

How Long Do Porsches Last? Years & Miles (With Examples)

Model Average Max Mileage Average Maximum Years
Cayman 100,000-150,000 8.3
Macan 150,000-200,000 8.7
Cayenne 200,000-250,000 11.3
Panamera 150,000-200,000 8.7

Which Porsche Cayman is the best?

1. Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 – 2019. We all love what is new in the market, and this makes the latest model of Porsche Cayman the first in the list. Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 is the best Porsche Cayman model that you can wish to have in your collection.

What is wrong with Porsche Cayman?

Porsche is recalling 190 of its 2021 Cayman, Boxster, and 718 Spyder models with flat-six engines over a connecting rod that can crack and lead to engine damage, stalling, and potentially a fire. The German automaker has also issued a “stop sale” order on the coupes, a spokesperson for Porsche told Car and Driver.

Is the 2006 Porsche Cayman S reliable?

If the car was taken care of mechanically and not tracked too often you will be fine! All models and years have some issues but overall these cars are reliable.

What is the difference between a Porsche Cayman and a 911?

Technical Differences. First and foremost, what set the Cayman and the 997 apart was a fundamental difference in design. The 911 is Porsche’s halo model. The 911 has history; it has race-cred and an instantly recognizable shape. The 911 also has a rear-mounted engine.

How much horsepower does a Porsche 981 Cayman have?

On twisty back roads you can basically leave it in third gear and let the revs do most of the work. Remember, those 325 horses only have 2,900 pounds to move. (The base 981 Cayman, in case you’re curious, puts out 275 horsepower.)

How much does a Porsche Cayman GT4 cost?

And now, Porsche has even introduced a high-spec Cayman in GT4 trim, which pairs a more powerful engine with track-focused suspension components and weight shavings—the current Cayman GT4 boasts a 4.0-liter flat-six producing 414 horsepower and starts at just under $100,000.

What is the difference between a 981 and a 987?

These differences, while minor, do make the 987 feel more nimble than the 981; it drives like a smaller car because it is, although just barely. At the same time, the added heft and weighty steering of the 981 makes it feel more confident to drive. The 987 is a bit looser overall, but also more dependent on the skill of its driver.