Are 0871 numbers charged?

Are 0871 numbers charged?

Whether you calling 0871 number from a mobile or landline, you must pay a premium charge for calling these numbers. Calling these numbers you can be paying up to 41p per minute making them one of the most expensive phone number prefixes in the UK.

How much does it cost to call an 0871 number from a mobile?

Business 0871 numbers are also known as business rate numbers. The price of these numbers are regulated by the Phone-paid Services Authority. It costs approximately 13p per minute as well as the mobile phone company’s access charge.

How much does a 0900 call cost?


0900 Number Costs
Inclusive Calls to UK Landline Unlimited
Inclusive Calls to UK Mobile Unlimited
Rebate received (incoming landline calls) 10p – £1/min
Rebate received (incoming mobile calls) 10p – £1/min

Why are 0871 numbers so expensive?

This number is one of the most costly phone number prefixes, and one can accrue up to 41p per minute to call 0871 numbers. 0871 numbers, however, are usually charged at expensive rates; this is especially due to the inclusion of a ‘service charge’ to pay for the services delivered.

Is 0871 free on TalkTalk?

The first part of the call charge is TalkTalk’s charge for connecting your call to the 0871 number, which is known as the Access Charge. This is charged at 10.5p per minute, at any time of day and on any of their current talk plans.

What area code is 0871 in the UK?

Unlike traditional landline phone numbers, 0871 numbers are not associated with any specific geographic location. 0871 numbers generate an income for either the organisation being called or their telephone company. As a result of this, common uses for 0871 numbers include: Chargeable information and support lines.

How much is 0871 number from landline?

Are 0871 numbers free? No, similar to other 087 numbers (0870, 0872 and 0873), 0871 numbers cost up to 13p per minute on top of any access charges from your provider. Luckily, you can try to find alternative phone numbers for 0871 numbers with our tips above.

Can you be charged for receiving a phone call?

Unless your phone carrier charges you for calls received you will not be charged. (Most carriers do not charge for received calls). HOWEVER, if you press prompts there is a chance that despite the message is actually re-directing you to a call per minute line (such as a psychic hotline does).

Do you get charged for unanswered calls?

Yes it’s chargeable but not to the caller but to the called number.

Is 0871 free on O2?

Contacting business 0871 numbers on O2 are regarded as premium rate numbers. Whether you are a pay-as-you-go or contract O2 member, 0871 calls are excluded from inclusive minutes and are charged at a rate of 35.8 pence per minute.

How much do 0871 numbers cost on TalkTalk?

Are TalkTalk to TalkTalk landline calls free?

TalkTalk has always been committed to providing great value and experience. That’s why calls between TalkTalk landline customers are free for up to three hours at a time, and flexible phone add-ons, such as the Unlimited UK Calls Boost, can be added for just one month at a time.

How much does it cost to call an 0871 number?

Please note that with most 0871 numbers you will also pay a one off connection charge of around 15p regardless of how long your call lasts for. As with landline packages, calls to 0871 numbers from mobile phones are not going to be taken from your “free minutes” or “bundled minutes” deal.

What is the difference between 0871 and 871 numbers?

The charges are the same, for both landlines and mobiles. The only thing to remember while calling these numbers is that the UK code needs to be prefixed for calling. Hence the 0 from 0871 will be replaced by +44 followed by the 871 and the number you are calling to.

Why are 0871 numbers charged higher rates?

Telephone numbers starting with 0871 are ‘service numbers’ charged at special rates. Calls to 0871 numbers are typically charged at higher rates than calls to normal landlines due to the inclusion of a surcharge or ‘service charge’ to pay for the service being provided.

Are 0871 numbers free to call on BT?

Part 4: FAQs 1 1. Are 0871 numbers free to call? As you read above, these are not free numbers. 2 2. What Area Code Is 0871 Number? The 0871 numbers are non-geographic hence they are not linked with any particular region or area across the UK. 3 3. Why Are 0871 Numbers So Expensive? 4 5. How Much Does It Cost to Call 0871 Numbers on BT?