Affirmative Action in the Job Sector

From the time of civilization, men have been holding the uppermost positions in all occupations. With the philosophical alteration in the paradigm shift, where women’s liberation made itself liable, challenging the vital alterations in the chauvinistic occupation culture. Nevertheless, one school of thought is of the opinion that, there should be opportunities for women in upper positions to make them more self-confident in their natural life. This conception is not agreed to because one needs to be eligible and suitable to handle their occupation.

Diversity & Inclusion

 Being at the top position in any career should not be based on the gender line but on the attributes held by an individual if he or she qualifies for such a job. According to Griff (2014), the society sees women as incapable of doing high-level jobs because they are incapable of dealing with the pressure of handling such jobs. Kouzes and Posner (2012) argues that it is time men should be given a challenge in the job environment. The challenge can be by creating opportunities for women to be the leading employees in both the corporate jobs and the government jobs.

 This idea will create a system where the performance of both men and women will be analyzed to identify which gender performs better. The leadership position in any working environment is best judged by how the leader at the top best relates to people working under him or her. It is, therefore, important to consider that women too can perform more than expected in any career role same as men since they are all human beings with similar abilities at some levels. The government should, therefore, impose a rule that will enable a certain percentage of women occupying top positions on the career ladder.